Who we are

About us

We are a typical family from Romagna and as such of a 'matriarchal' type, directed as once by the Woman of Home, which in the dialect of Romagna is called Azdòra which indicates the woman who takes care of the management of the house, the business family and our Azdòra can only be Mamma Anna (in the picture sitting right), sociable, tenacious, tough and a good cook :) To his left my 'Santa' George of fewer words but all do, adore his campaign, and let taste his wine and his grappa .. so be careful if you raise your elbow do not say that I had not warned you;) My Bigbrother Stefano, my Prince Juri (your referent on the beach), my Princess Aurora the Animator of the House and finally, I, Stefania, the talking cricket of the House and the Family that loves to make known to all our Guests the traditions of our territory, from the Sea to the Hill and make you feel part of our family